Corporate and Adult Shows

Who says magic is just for kids?!?  Liven up your next adult event with hilarious and astounding magic!  Choose an hour-long show, mingle magic, or both!

As part of the show, several of your guests will perform and be the stars of the show. It’s a fast paced laugh out loud show that includes the classics of magic: The linking rings, cut and restored rope, and some new mysteries. Plus, Kreskin-style mind reading. It’s unbelievable.

If mingle magic is a better fit, Dana does stunning magic in the hands of your guests.  Walking table to table, group to group, Dana does card tricks, money tricks and magic that defies description but is tremendously entertaining.  He also is a mentalist, and will read the minds of your guests.  He knows what they’re thinking!  His magic is the ultimate in audience involvement; a magical icebreaker.

Dana will be a terrific addition to your party.  Book a show today while your date is available.  Guaranteed fun or there is no charge!

What they’re saying:

“The group loved the show. Very funny. I was impressed how you included the audience.”
      – AT&T Pioneers
“Our group of older tax professionals had a great time with Dana. He was a great performer. He had everyone laughing and even had some willing participants to be a part of his show. He is extremely entertaining and was very quick with some good one liner’s with an excellent memory of items he had heard prior to incorporate into his act. You and your attendees will have a great time with Amazing Dana!

– California Society of Enrolled Agents

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